Care Home Visits – John’s Campaign care home and residential care settings visiting survey

Care home visiting guidance changed during lockdown to encourage more (mostly outdoor) visits for residents – but what are visitor’s experiences of this guidance on the ground?
Have visits been allowed? Is family contact becoming more meaningful and appropriate?
John’s Campaign are currently collecting responses from people with friends or relatives currently living in care homes to find out exactly that.
This survey is for anyone who has a friend or relative currently living in a care home or residential care setting in England. This includes both older and younger adults. 
John’s Campaign challenges the current enforced separation of closest family or friends when one member lives in a care home, particularly if that family member is living with a disability such as dementia. Currently they have lodged an application in the High Court for Judicial Review of the Government’s guidance on visiting arrangements in care homes. During this period of national restriction Government guidance has changed and they hope families will find their access improved, especially with new emphasis on individual visiting plans. 

But is this what is actually happening?
Revised guidance was published on November 5th and there will be new guidance being prepared for when this period of national restriction ends (currently promised for Dec 2nd 2020). In this survey families are asked to say how the current arrangements are working on the ground. Is access improving? Is family contact becoming more meaningful and appropriate? If it isn’t, where do the problems lie?

Please help us and other organisations collect information about the everyday reality of maintaining some of life’s closest relationships through these difficult times.
The survey will run until 30 November – To take part and give your views visit –