ADDvanced Solutions latest programme

January 13, 2022

Addvanced Solutions Logo. Communtiy Network. Supporting you to find the answers. I live in Halton.ADDvanced Solutions Community Network encourages, equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs, with engaging, community-based, learning, coaching and mentoring programmes. They have an offer to support children, young people, families and professionals in the Halton area. Their Winter online offer is delivered using Zoom for Healthcare.

Advanced Solutions run a number of sessions including; 

Community Network Groups. These groups  provide a discussion based opportunity to develop your understanding around neurodevelopmental conditions (NDCs), to ask questions and share learning and experience. You can talk to other parents, the ADDvanced Solutions team and visiting professionals who can help and support you.

Neurodevelopmental Conditions Family Learning Programme. The Neurodevelopmental Conditions (ND) Family Learning Programme providesan opportunity for parents and carers to gain understanding and skills about neurodevelopmental conditions including autism and ADHD (pre, during and post diagnosis) 

Sensory Processing Difficulties Workshop. The Sensory Processing Difficulties learning workshops will be delivered as webinars. It is recommended that you attend all three sessions.

Eating Difficulties Workshop. 

Learning workshops for families. designed for families to better recognise, understand and support their own needs and those of their children and young people living with neurodevelopmental conditions. 

Professionals Learning workshops. 

Find the full newsletter and timetable at: Winter newsletter.  or the What’s on section of the Advanced Solutions website.