What is the STP?

In 2016 the NHS and local councils came together in 44 areas covering all of England to develop proposals to improve health and care. They formed new partnerships – known as sustainability and transformation partnerships – to run services in a more coordinated way, to agree system-wide priorities, and to plan collectively how to improve residents’ day-to-day health.

By ensuring decisions are made at the most appropriate level, and empowering local leaders to plan around the long-term needs of the people they serve, health and care systems can make simple, practical improvements for local communities.

Although partnerships published their initial proposals in 2016, these have substantially evolved to reflect views from people who use and provide services, elected representatives and local voluntary organisations. Each is at a different stage of its journey, and local priorities understandably vary. You can view the original plans, published in 2016 below.

Cheshire And Merseyside Health And Care Partnership

Region: North
2.6 million

Find out more about Cheshire and Merseyside sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) including details of its population size, constituent organisations and priorities.


There are four strategic priorities that the constituent organisations are committed to delivering together:

  • Supporting people to live better quality lives by actively promoting the things that will have a
    positive effect on health and wellbeing and reduce reliance on services.
  • Working together with partners in local government and the voluntary sector to develop joined up models of care, outside of hospital, to give people the support they need in the right place, from the right professionals at the right time.
  • Designing modern, high quality hospital services; reducing variation in quality and ensuring a clinical and financially sustainable hospital system.
  • Becoming more efficient by reducing costs in corporate services and maximising the efficiency of clinical support services.

View the STP Plan below: