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Overall good care

September 23, 2019
There are friendly staff who are knowledgeable and patient. They look after me well. Waiting times could be improved, I can wait an hour past my appointment time. Cheaper refreshments are needed too. Costa and the shop are over priced. I feel rushed during my appointments, they have too big of a work load.

Reply from Whiston Hospital

Good morning
Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. We are glad to hear that you feel well looked after when you come to the hospital and we do apologise for the lengthily waits that you encounter at times. Sometimes appointments run for longer that expected to ensure that patients get thorough assessment and treatment plans and to ensure that patients feel listened to, this can be an un foreseen, thank you for your patience .
Regarding the prices at Costa, they are a separate franchise and unfortunately, the Trust have no control over prices charged. Staff within the outpatient Department would always be happy to provide you with a glass of water if you are thirsty. Alternatively we do have a restaurant on the 5th floor, you may find prices cheaper there ?

Provider responded

Rushed eye treatment

September 4, 2019
A family member had to start having injections to help with an eye condition. On returning home they were in great discomfort and struggling to see. When I called the hospital we were told just to take pain killers however when I explained it was clear this was not a normal reaction. After an examination we were told it was clear the front of the eye had been scratched during the procedure, due to a rushed job removing the equipment. This caused unnecessary worry and pain. It is important they continue this treatment but this has now added to the anxiety of the next trip.

staff do a marvellous job

August 14, 2019
The staff do a marvellous job, they are so busy. The hospital is under staffed the staff are over worked. I would say 80% of my treatment has been explained, in my case it is trial and error so everyone is unsure at the moment. The volunteers at the front desk are great. I waited 10 weeks to be seen from the GP referral and then 3 months for the follow up. The care the staff give is really good, especially with how busy they are.


Plastic Surgery
August 14, 2019
Everything here is good, the staff are terrific and polite. The hospital is clean and there are good facilities. The appointments run well. I am treated very well.

Bad experience after having good care

August 14, 2019
My daughter is booked in for a C section and so can only have 1 birthing partner in with her. I have been sent down to the main entrance to wait. I wish I could of be given a place in the Maternity ward to wait in. My Granddaughter can only visit at visiting times. It would be better if she could come and see the new baby as soon as possible. If it was the delivery suite she would be allowed in but not on whatever ward they are sending my daughter too. They have not informed us where this will be. We arrived at FAU this morning for my daughters operation and sat ourselves in the waiting area as no staff were there. When a nurse did come in she said "how did you get in here?" No good morning or hello. It was not welcoming and set a bad atmosphere for my daughter who will of course be a bit nervous. All staff have been good at routine appointments but today were very abrupt. I would give 5 stars for the other appointments but 1 star for today. It was not a pleasant environment for an operation and child birth. The hospital is very clean.