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Warrington Hospital

Rated by Anonymous
20th July 2020


Following an emergency C section I was taken to ward c23. I was put in a small space that was position next to the bins. This meant that all the other patients, visitors and staff were constantly pushing there way past to get to the bins. I had to move the baby crib to the other side as the baby was getting shuved. The space was inadequate and the bins needed to be moved away. I was also told by the nurse who took me to the ward to rest and leave catheter in. As she left a nurse on the ward came and took it out and told me that I need to get up and start walking. This was less than 2 hours after an emergency C section. I was really upset and my mum said to another nurse/midwife. She's upset and worried that she isn't going to be able to get up and down for the baby during the night but she will get some help won't she. To which the nurse replied we are not a babysitting service but we will be about if she needs us. This made me more worried and upset.

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