Covid-19 Vaccination Centre - Totally Wicked Stadium (St Helens)

St Helens Stadium - Vaccination Centre


McManus Drive
Peasley Cross Lane
St Helens


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Reviews (31)

Refused booster

April 18, 2022
Refused although registered carer and asthmatic even though when spoke to 119 was told definitely eligible as registered carer is a must along with Asthma and family all being asthmatic with a special needs child also asthmatic.
Miss Julie Ashton

Great friendly service

January 6, 2022
Everything single staff member + volunteer was extremely helpful + polite. Great well organised service.

Very grateful for the people who can do this

December 25, 2021
Relieved it's an option
Mrs t connolly

In and out, no problems

December 15, 2021
Arrived and was told where to park and where to enter. Was seen quickly at the door, given a slip with what vaccine I needed and told where to go. When I got into the big room, I was seated by another person and then called forward almost straight away. A pleasant woman gave me the jab, and I was done.


December 15, 2021
Very organised. Friendly.
Tony cunliffe

Unable to contact them to cancel vaccination

December 10, 2021
I wanted to cancel as I have been able to get a third vaccination when I went for my booster.
Chris Waywell

Had my Covid booster

November 30, 2021
Great nurses and support staff all kind friendly and attentive

My husband had accident in wheelchair coming

November 26, 2021
To the medical staff and manager and everyone else who works there, Karen the nurse was fantastic, Can’t thank them enough
Linda lees


November 22, 2021
Very well organised friendly staff.
Pamela davies

Well planned and set out. Very good.

November 15, 2021
Not too long await staff explained everything. didn't feel the jab first or second time.