Covid-19 Vaccination Centre - Totally Wicked Stadium (St Helens)

St Helens Stadium - Vaccination Centre



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I visited twice to receive both vaccines

May 30, 2021
All of the staff were extremely helpful and pleasant, from the stewards to the admin staff and the nurses that looked after us, a special mention should be made to a gentleman that helped myself and my wife on both occasions, Norman who is a volunteer was especially helpful and charming and made our visit more memorable, we’ll forever be grateful to all the staff, for all their hard work, and the little personal experiences made our visit more enjoyable, thanks for our stickers Norman and for letting my wife sit next to me you are a gentleman.
David Dixon

Quick, easy and friendly

May 30, 2021
I would like to thank all of the staff involved for making the vaccination process easy and quick. I would like to especially mention a man named Norman who has been present on both of my vaccinations, showing people where to go. He is such a lovely, pleasant, funny man. Thank you for my stickers Norman!
Helen Dixon

Very fast, very efficient

May 20, 2021
I arrived at the Totally Wicked Stadium at 6.20pm for my second vaccine. By 6.30 I had been given my vaccine and was sitting in the waiting area writing this review. Everything went really smoothly. Good directions given by the stewards outside the stadium. All the volunteers and staff were helpful. Well done to everyone involved in organizing and running the vaccination centre. 5 star treatment.
Dave W

Well organised. Zero confusion.Super friendly

May 20, 2021
From the moment we turned onto the car park we were directed. Every corner was a happy face advising where to go. The lady vaccinating me was the sweetest lady, everyone I came across was.
I was mad that the only centre I could get in at was an hours drive but the expert was so good I have no intention of looking for nearer next time. Keep it up folks, you’re doing well, and doing a good thing
Karen Roebuck

very organised

May 19, 2021
happy with how all the things on the day went all where very informative
Darran Eatock


April 3, 2021
My two daughters were asked by my wife’s consultant at Manchester Royal to get the COVID-19 jab ASAP due to her being extremely vulnerable being immune suppressant, having had a bone marrow transplant. They applied correctly, not lying on the application but were turned away because they did not lie to the staff and claim to work for the NHS.
I know of nurses (from Whiston hospital) that arrange appointments for their family and friends and are TOLD to lie on their application to say they are NHS workers, porters or social workers, so they get the jab.
Looks like if you lie you get the jab, if you tell the truth like the consultant told you to do, you don’t.
So there is going to be two spare vaccines tonight for an NHS worker to probably allocate to a family member or friend.
Michael Sidebotham

Very smooth and quick

March 3, 2021
Very well organised. My appointment was ay 7.00pm. There was plenty of space to park. There were plenty of volunteers and staff to make sure everyone knew where to go and what to do. Only had to wait for 5 minutes before being called for my jab. They gave me a good deal of information on what was happening. Very smooth running system. Well done to everyone involved! 5 star service.
Dave W