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Very thorough safe and professional

September 17, 2020
On arrival at the hospital everywhere was spotlessly clean on entering the building all staff and patients were wearing masks and socially distancing . I went to the Yellow Zone of the hospital a nurse took my temperature and was moved to another zone which was clean and chairs were spaced to promote social distancing. Seats were clearly marked so patients waiting were distanced from each other .I was called into the clinic within 20 minutes on entering the room for my consultation. The consultant introduced herself and asked me a series of questions and examined me , following my examination she advised I would have a scan and following the scan a number of options will be given to me to proceed with my treatment .
My experience overall was excellent the staff and consultant were professional and helpful and I feel the measures in place to protect patients from COVID 19 during hospital appointments were excellent , I would definitely recommend the clinic and hospital .

Staff are lovely

July 29, 2020
I was due to go for a bowel screening just as lockdown began, so this was cancelled. As soon as possible the hospital got back in touch and booked me in. They rang me and had a long chat to explain what would happen and allow me to ask any questions I had. When I went for my appointment the hospital was spotless and everyone was wearing masks. The staff were really lovely and put me at my ease, chatting to me. I was given my result right away and they even called me a few days later to check I was ok, even though it was good news. My husband had to wait in the car, due to Covid-19 but he was allowed to come in to get me after my appointment. I cannot fault this hospital at all. Very caring staff.

Telephone appointment

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
July 16, 2020
My appointment was changed to a telephone consultation due to Covid-19. I was sent a letter to explain this and was called at a set time by a surgeon. I preferred having my appointment over the phone as it was easier for me and I didn't need to be examined so it makes complete sense.

The surgeon was friendly and explained everything well. I had time to ask questions. I was told when to expect to hear from the hospital again and can go in to the hospital next time.

Called to let me know appointment cancelled

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
April 1, 2020
I received a phone call from the hospital to let me know my appointment was cancelled. She explained that this was due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I though it was good they took the time to individually call each patient at this especially busy time. They are rearranging for 12 weeks time.

The Dermatology clinic in St Helens is fab

March 26, 2020
The Dermatology clinic in St Helens is fantastic! I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without them! Dr Hannabashara is new there, focusing on root cause as opposed to a quick fix which I’m finding refreshing and enlightening to say the least! Gail and the other derm nurses are lovely and extremely tentative and caring! I feel for them all with the current virus crisis! They are doing fantastic work under very difficult conditions
James Mottershead

Cannot praise oncology staff enough

November 20, 2019
I am full of praise for the St Helens Oncology department. I have had a mastectomy and they have really taken care of me and supported me through radiation and treatment

Cancelled appointment

November 6, 2019
I was sent a letter for a mammogram appointment with only 3 days notice of the appointment. I turned up and sat in the waiting room. A member of staff came out and told everyone that no radiographers had turned up that day and so no mammograms could be done. We were all sent home. It was a waste of time off work, paying for petrol and car parking.


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
November 4, 2019
I was called to the clinic for an appointment. I did not know what it was for. The receptionist, nurse and Doctor were all friendly and welcoming. I was given results of MRI and told some information they had already explain at my last appointment. I was in and out within minutes. I feel this appointment could have been done over the phone to save everyone's times and money but they are all very nice and caring. The hospital is very clean and I parked easily.

Good MRI appointment

MRI Medical Admissions Unit
October 9, 2019
I attended St. Helens Hospital for an MRI scan, after being referred by the oral surgery department. I waited a few weeks to be seen. There was plenty of parking spaces available when I arrived. I was seen on time and the staff were friendly. They explained the scan and what would happen to me clearly. They spoke to me during the scan to reassure me and tell me what to do next. I was told after the scan when to expect the results.

Great Physio

October 7, 2019
All the staff are so friendly here. I moved my Physio appointments to here from Whiston, as it is much easier for me to get to.