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Entirely unsatisfactory

Walk in Centre
June 18, 2022
Went to Halton Hospital Urgent Care Centre to receive medical assistance regarding a persistent cough, was informed they do not deal with this owing to having 'Cancer patients receiving dialysis' at the hospital, and didn't want to put them at risk. Was told to go to Widnes Urgent Care Centre instead, however when we arrived, we informed the triage nurse and she informed me that this was not true, and that for over two years Runcorn Urgent Treatment Centre refuses to triage or treat patients with coughs or fevers. This is beyond poor, and the hospital needs to answer for this.

Still will not see any patients with cough

Walk in Centre
May 17, 2022
Refused to be seen due to cough
Sent to other walk in centre with over 4 hour wait and very very busy compared to Runcorn! Why are you not seeing patients with coughs/colds or fevers when Widnes will see anyone? There is no COVID testing anymore and no legal requirements to isolate. I think it’s a disgrace this service.

Not as good as it used be

Walk in Centre
March 11, 2022
Noticeable change from pre pandemic. Staff unenthusiastic but do their job, visited lots with small children in the family. But hospital is tired too and not as clean as it could be.

I don't understand why Government guidelines are no masks now and to treat covid as a thing of the past - but in hospitals it's as though we are still at the height of it - mixed messages I don't understand.

Staff ok but not too understanding

Walk in Centre
March 2, 2022
Staff ok but not too understanding, I was VERY worried about my breathing and attended assuming it was a chest infection. I was also scared about COVID although 3 LFT tests over 3 days said that was clear. I was told all ok by them, felt worse the next day, so finally got GP appt next day and was given antibiotics for chest and ear infection. I also had very high temp but no COVID.
Disappointing overall.

Excellent service.

Walk in Centre
November 28, 2021
Efficient, friendly staff who were pleasant and professional.
Prompt diagnosis and treatment.
Very grateful for their care.
Helen Jesson

Turned away for Treatment

Walk in Centre
November 16, 2021
We arrived to a completely empty waiting room at 8:42 pm on Saturday 13th November. We were told that they closed at 9pm and as such would not treat us, my daughter had a suspected ear infection (the nurse spoke to us through the glass and didn't examine her) told us would go on its own in 3-5 days. They logged our details and told us to call 111 from the carpark if we still wanted to be seen as there was a duty Dr on in Widnes. We made the decision that due to the agony my daughter was in that we would head to Whiston whilst on the phone to 111. We arrived at Whiston without 111 even answering. We arrived at 9:15 and she was finally seen by a Dr at 12:40am, this drain on A&E by us having to make this trip could have all been avoided if we had been seen in the first place at the OPEN urgent treatment centre. My daughter has severe infection in both ears and needed very strong antibiotics to treat it- it would never have gone away on its own. I am disgusted by the lack of care and treatment given by Urgent Treatment Centre, it just felt like they wanted to get home. Again - it doesn't close until 9pm not 8:42pm
Louise Delooze

Dealt with very well

Walk in Centre
November 11, 2021
On the 31st Oct I felt very unwell, my son rang 111 and they were so busy it took 34 minutes to get an answer. However once answered I was dealt with quickly and sent to the walk in centre. No complaints about the care.

Quick service

Walk in Centre
November 10, 2021
Quick and efficient. I was in and out in less than an hour. I spent longer than that on the phone with GP simply trying to get an appointment.

Brilliant staff and service

Urgent GP clinic
November 10, 2021
Couldn't get a heavy nosebleed to stop. Patient and caring staff, allayed my fear and panic. A really good result from a scary experience.

Great service

Walk in Centre
November 10, 2021
Great service when my GP won't find the time to see me face to face. It turns out I had an ulcer on my leg - a phone call consultation wouldn't have helped on this occasion.