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Very good experience

December 12, 2021
Arrived early, no problem with car parking. Went straight through check-in. 15 wait in queue for vaccination by a polite, friendly vaccinator. Overall very good experience

Booster not given

December 2, 2021
I attended a covid booster clinic at manor Park in Runcorn for my appointment on 20th November 2021. I was told I could not have the booster and I believe I have been given the wrong information.
I take warfarin and although my recent INR (warfarin test), carried out on 17th November, was stable/within range, I was refused the booster by the nurse on duty. The reason given was that previous INRs have been unstable ( slightly low) and that I could have a stroke. When I asked if the booster vaccine would cause my blood to thin or thicken she said it could do either and there was no way of telling. I spoke to my GP on Monday 29th November as part of a pre-arranged appointment who said there was no reason why I should not have had the booster vaccine. I spoke to the nurse who does the INR who agreed with the GP and said that the booster causes blood to become thinner (not thicker).

Straight forward booster vaccination

November 29, 2021
I went for my booster vaccination at Remedi Solutions on a very wet and windy Friday. The car park has a limited number of spaces and there were 4 cars queued waiting to find an empty space. I parked up on the road outside and followed the signs to the centre. Once inside I gave my details and then joined a small queue of about 15 people waiting for their vaccinations. It took less than 15 minutes to reach the front of the queue, not a problem, although it might be more difficult for anyone with limited mobility.
Staff were very efficient. Following a 15 minute wait after the jab I was on my way home.