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Struggling to get an appointment

June 9, 2021
As a family we have needed to make several differing appointments recently, all with little success. We have struggled with numerous differing issues:
The only way that you are led to believe, to get an appointment that is STILL in the phone, is to ring at 8am. There are never on line appointments. So leaving for work at 07:45 makes it even more challenging.
After 6 minutes of lectures on the phone you then join a queue. After an average of 40 minutes all appointments have gone.
My daughter needed a medication check, but then apologise as there is no way of getting that specific medication check appointment. They offer a phone consultation, which I point out the check involves weight and BP, the nearest place I can get a BP check for my daughter after searching myself, is a pharmacy in Warrington.
I have a frail parent who needs a face to face appointment, as they are feeling faint and dizzy, obviously needs physically checking. No appointments available and they are advised to contact the walk in. They can speak to a doctor, but not see them initially and it’s a GP that knows nothing about them. They are hard of hearing and a telephone appointment is very difficult. It is impossible to even speak to a doctor, I search the internet and come across econsult. Nobody tells you about this. I fill in the form and should a phone consultation becomes available, I have to take the call in work !!!! I even struggle in finding out how I can make a complaint.
It’s disgusting.

Awful service, phone queue is horrendous

June 9, 2021
I always struggle to get through on the phone, as it is such a long queue. Also the very lengthy doctors message at the beginning of the call doesn't mention that I can use something called econsult to request a GP appointment - but that is difficult to find on the website. I am not very technical so this really isn't an option for me. When I finally do get to speak to a receptionist I am usually told that all appointments have gone and even if I do get an appointment it is only a phone consultation with a nurse practitioner and not a GP. Very poor service, not very accommodating or understanding of elderly patient needs and does not take into account their accessibility to online / website bookings. Everyone should have an opportunity to see a GP face to face, elderly or not.

Dr's records

May 29, 2020
I’m a young lad trying to get in the navy and he has my future in his hands but he will not release my documents until he’s been paid Bare in mind it is (£30) he won’t listen to a word I’m saying think it’s a absolutely disgrace I have told him he is holding my application and the response I got is ‘i don’t care’. He really wants 30 pound when he drives a Porsche.

Long waiting times

January 14, 2020
The last time I rang the practice it took 57 attempts to get through on the phone. When I got through there were no appointments available for 2 weeks.
When I did eventually see the GP the care I received was good.

Difficult to get an appointment

October 29, 2019
My GP is very good but it is difficult to see him as you cannot get appointments. I ring of a morning and all the appointments are gone.
I am not online so cannot book online I think the surgery needs to take this into consideration. A lot of older people like me cannot use a computer not just me.

Practice Nurse easy to talk to and thorough

October 29, 2019
I have appointments with the practice nurse because I have COPD and have regular check ups with the practice nurse she is very thorough and easy to talk to, she listens to any problems and tries her best to solve them.


October 3, 2019
Dr Hurst and Dr. Woodford are excellent. If I need a double appointment one will be booked in without hesitation. I much prefer the new automatic doors too.

Practice Nurse is Fabulous

September 18, 2019
I attend Peelhouse for medication and attend the Well Woman Clinic , I have my blood pressure taken at the clinic the Practice Nurse is fabulous. She really looks after me she is approachable and very attentive.

Appointments need sorting

August 14, 2019
I am a patient at Peelhouse Lane it is a nightmare trying to get appointments , you phone and they never have any appointment I just take myself to Urgent Care now because it is a waste of time phoning them at the surgery, this needs sorting.

Dr Listens and does not rush you

August 7, 2019
Dr Woodward at Peelhouse Lane GP Surgery is lovely he listens and does not rush you like some doctors , he takes his time during the appointment it was him who referred me to the ENT specialist today.