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Ladybridge Hall
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Reviews (11)

Great service

April 26, 2022
My partner had collapsed at home with a suspected heart attack. I called 999 and the ambulance arrived within 20 minutes. They were excellent and very reassuring.

Speedy Service - helped me stay calm

March 2, 2022
We needed an ambulance in work for a lady having a heart attack. Ambulance arrived quickly and helped patient and were amazing. They also helped me to stay calm and ensured I was ok too.

Excellent care from Paramedics

February 19, 2020
My wife collapsed at home and needed hospital care, the ambulance staff who arrived at our home were excellent especially a lady named Hannah, she telephoned our GP to request that my wife be admitted to hospital as she was too unwell to go through A&E. Hannah was calm and reassuring as my wife passed out after again after coming around from the first collapse, she immediately helped my wife and was very professional and very reassuring on the journey to hospital.

waited for two hours for an ambulance

February 6, 2020
My neighbour fell in the street and could not move an ambulance was called and we waited for two hours for it to arrive, she was in terrible pain and cold we had to wrap her up to try and make her comfortable and keep her warm until the ambulance arrived , waiting times for ambulances need to improve.

Waited for over an hour for ambulance

February 6, 2020
My wife collapsed twice at home she has a number of health conditions including Addisons and can go into Addisons Crisis. I called an ambulance we waited for over an hour for the ambulance as she was very unwell we had to put her in the car and drive to hospital.

Waited over an hour for an ambulance

February 4, 2020
I collapsed out shopping and had to wait for over an hour for an ambulance to take me to hospital, after the hour my husband carried me to the car and took me to Halton Hospital who thought I had a stroke and sent me straight to Warrington Hospital. We need to improve ambulance waiting times and need more ambulances on the road.

Emergency Hospital admission

January 29, 2020
I was experiencing chest pains and pains in my leg and foot, I had to call an ambulance the ambulance staff were brilliant, when we arrived I was taken through pretty quickly due to the chest pain I was experiencing.

Ambulance staff took care of me

October 29, 2019
I was rushed to Whiston Hospital as I was unwell and had fallen at home , I live alone and I am an amputee the ambulance staff were very nice and really took care of me on the journey to hospital and stayed with me until I was in with the doctor they were kind and very supportive.

staff caring and stayed with me until triage

September 18, 2019
I had to be taken by ambulance to Warrington Hospital. I was in pain the ambulance staff were very caring and tried to make me as comfortable as possible during the journey to the hospital. The ambulance was clean and comfortable. On arrival at the hospital the ambulance staff stayed with me until I was triaged and then I was admitted.

Very reassuring

August 13, 2019
I collapsed at home with a haemorrhage and called an ambulance, the paramedics were there at my door quickly and made me comfortable before taking me to Warrington hospital assessment ward through out the ordeal the ambulance staff were very reassuring and waited with me at the assessment ward, they were very caring and such wonderful staff.