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Very disappointed

June 7, 2021
Called them back as I'd had a missed call, I was kept on hold for an hour, got down to number 1 in the queue and they disconnected my call. I'm not happy and still worried why they were calling me for. Not good at all.

No Complaints Procedure. Left Ignored

November 23, 2020
Removed from practice without notice chronic illnesses. Asked to make a formal complaint as ombudsman details repeatedly but completely ignored.

Surgery removed register during lockdown.

November 23, 2020
Found our family had been removed from surgery register when asking for repeat prescription for blood pressure and diabetes. They said we all had letter when we clearly had not. Refused to give a interim prescription found out on first day of lockdown. Really difficult to get registered elsewhere due to lockdown caused real anxiety. Disgrace would not compromise or see sense even the medical staff. Still not in another surgery after 14 days trying. Had been at this surgery for 27 years. Refused to allow us to stay even though I work within yards of surgery.

Quick to refer me to a dermatologist

September 14, 2020
I have an unusual spot on my face that does not seem to be healing I contacted the GP surgery and sent a photograph for the GP to look at via email. The GP contacted me and has made a referral to the dermatology team at Whiston the GP, was very reassuring during the call and told me the main reason for a referral was that I had explained it does not seem to be healing.

Excellent very positive caring and safe

May 28, 2020
I had to attend the surgery for my regular medication review , I was a bit anxious about attending the surgery because of the COVID 19 virus . I have to say I had nothing to be concerned about when I arrived the car park which is usually full had only 3 cars parked there , there was one other patient in the queue stood in front of the main door . The nurse came out and called my name and invited in once inside the surgery all the seating had been removed there was a divider across the waiting room and the nurse took me to the treatment room I did not come into contact with any other patient . I had my blood pressure and weight checked , the nurse wore PPE this included a mask, apron and visor the nurse was very reassuring as I discussed the results of my blood test and health conditions , Overall I think it was a very positive and safe experience , this was followed by a telephone call from my GP to discuss the health issues I had raised with the nurse .

Patient Access is very efficient

April 7, 2020
I order my prescription through Patient Access it is really efficient and I have never had a problem, I thought with this virus going around I would have problems accessing it but it was fine. I always order my prescription 10 days before and I always get it on time.

Quick finding my medical problem

March 31, 2020
Excellent, clean, had masks, gloves and pinnies. Made me feel safe.

Always been great with my family

March 26, 2020
My daughter is sick and autistic. ken our GP called and then sent a link to me and seen her on video link made her feel a lot less anxious about not going in she was scared as she hates the doctors or anywhere busy, so this was a great idea and maybe one to think about keeping for children like mine when it can be a very distressing ordeal. Thank you ken
Lucy Biggs

Online appointments

September 13, 2019
I used the online appointment booking system last time I need the GP Practice. There were no GP appointment availables, just the practice nurses. That was ok for me. The appointment was for the following morning.
I'm now waiting for a referral to come through for podiatry. I was told it would be at least 8 weeks and I might be quicker paying to see a podiatrist!

Good service

September 10, 2019
I telephoned the surgery as I felt very unwell with a chest infection. I was triaged by the Care Navigator who told me someone would telephone me back which they did. I was told to come to the surgery and was examined and given medication. I received very good care and service from the Practice I was thoroughly examined and listened to.