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Needed a blood test usually it was a walk in

September 14, 2021
Arrived at a empty clinic to be told I needed to make an appointment was given a number to call, so did so from clinic waited 30 minutes for an answer only too be told a appointment would be in two weeks, in the waiting time not a single person attended, while the four nurses sat around talking, one nurse noticed that I had finished my phone call and came out to ask if I had been able to make an appointment, I had to bite my tongue I was livid. I do appreciate these awful times I could have been tracked via my blood test.

Went to urgent care, was assessed now waiting

Urgent GP clinic
August 20, 2021
After being assessed, leg strapped, physio appointments made. Excellent service given the circumstances. This was back in May/June.
Anthony Cassidy

Blood test

November 11, 2020
Well ordered presented, delivered, but had delay test, Covid regime

Had to wait an awful long time but the doctor

Urgent GP clinic
November 11, 2020
Good experience
Glenis Holmes

Quick clean safe no fuss

November 11, 2020
Went for blood test, no waiting straight in and out felt safe
Alan Smith

Nurse Lucy was absolutely lovely

Cancer services
September 17, 2020
I attended Halton Hospital pre operation clinic for a medical assessment, as I have breast Cancer and need an operation but because I have had lung surgery I had to be checked that my lungs were OK for me to have an anaesthetic to have my breast operated on. I was very anxious but the nurse in the clinic, Lucy, was absolutely lovely she put me at ease and explained everything she was doing and was very reassuring during the assessment . All the staff wore masks, the clinic was spotlessly clean and when I arrived the clinic was empty. I would highly recommend the clinic, as the staff were very understanding and caring .

Quick and proffessional

August 10, 2020
I attended the hospital for a blood test as I have something wrong with my liver and my levels have to be checked. I was a bit anxious because of COVID 19. On arrival I sanitised my hands before going into the blood clinic and wore a mask, outside of the clinic room where the bloods are taken was a sanitiser which I used but I was asked by the nurse on entering the room to sanitised my hands again, which I think is good. The nurse wiped down the chair I had to sit in The nurse had on all the PPE mask gloves ect, it was immaculately clean in the clinic and social distancing was enforced.

I was happy with the service I received and the staff were very helpful and caring. I was only in there for a short period of time so went in and out of the clinic very quickly .

Quick professional and safe

May 28, 2020
I had to have a blood test at the hospital for my medication review at my GP surgery , on arrival at the hospital I went to the phlebotomy clinic it was spotlessly clean and staff were very professional and caring the staff had the appropriate PPE mask gloves apron and visor , there were only three chairs in the waiting room and one other person in having their blood taken and the patient had a mask on as I did .

Rheumatology service is excellent

February 19, 2020
My consultant is very good. She takes her time and really listens to my concerns as I am in terrible pain with arthritis.
I would recommend the service to anyone experiencing arthritis. My consultant really understands the condition, she does not rush you at appointments and will try to help me as much as she is able.

Need to have a blood service for children

February 4, 2020
My young daughter is under a paediatrician for health problems she has to have regular blood checks , I would like to know why Halton cannot provide this service? I have to take her to Warrington for any blood tests it takes four hours for me to get there and back its ridiculous, why cant the service run out of Halton one day a week for Runcorn patients?