Covid-19 Vaccination Centre - Runcorn (Brindley)



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Simple process well organised

April 28, 2021
Everything was explained very professional service.
kev hill

My experience on the day was good

April 19, 2021
Everything was done in a positive professional way. The only problem I had was not getting date for second injection. My situation now is being left in limbo no one can offer me an appointment or assure me I will be seen even though I am clinically vulnerable.
Sandra Conroy


April 16, 2021

Well organised

February 17, 2021
The location (the Brindley), was well managed with clear directions and people to guide you. Good social distancing observed.
Short wait for jab, told to expect sore arm. Short wait after jab, before leaving venue. Would recommend everyone to go when they can.