Covid-19 Vaccination Centre - Widnes (The Stadium)

The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out has started. It's important for us to understand people's experiences of having the vaccination in Halton. Whether you are working in the NHS, community or social care or part of the wider vaccination programme, we want to hear from you. Please let us know where you had your vaccination and any other details that you feel are important. Healthwatch Halton has been advised that those who are eligible for the vaccine will be contacted to receive it, and those who have had their first dose will be invited for their second dose within twelve weeks - please do not contact your GP to ask about the vaccine. If you have received a Covid-19 vaccine at the Vaccine Centres in Halton we'd love to hear your feedback on the experience.


Lower House Lane


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Typical widnes experience

September 18, 2021
I've not bothered with vaccine but thought I should prorect my family and go for a jab ?? I guess there working from home like HBC are because this place is CLOSED!!

Extremely well organised and safe.

July 20, 2021
everything was so well organised and covid secure. It was quite a humbling experience to be part of something so vital and meaningful.Thank you to everyone involved.

Staff great

July 12, 2021
Great staff, good facilities and great waiting time good.

Not quite 5 stars

May 29, 2021
As a trained nurse I know they should not have already drawn up my vaccination before I got to the station. Apart from that it was ok, but strange how I was consented but as I was there guess that was ok. But people vaccinating should follow the rules.

good quick service

May 25, 2021
friendly staff
Mr Douglas Bull

Really Quick

May 19, 2021
Really Quick and organised, nothing could be improved. Thank you to all for everything during this crazy time! Appointment date
Alison G

Excellent service, so well organised

May 15, 2021
I had an appointment booked, walked into the stadium, no queue, went forwarded for vaccination by a very pleasant nurse. Painless and easy. Waited the 15 minutes and then home. Given an appointment for 11 weeks later and had the same experience. Well done to all working there for giving their time and expertise to get this done

Wrongly recorded as having had Pfizer vaccine

May 13, 2021
I attended Widnes Stadium for second covid vaccine following call from GP surgery. Due to masks I nearly missed the word 'Pfizer' from the person checking my details, so came very close to having the wrong vaccine. I was advised to return at 10.30am next day which I did. Whilst waiting outside a woman stopped her car and asked if I was there for the vaccine then told me they didn't open until 12 noon. I told her I had been the previous day and been advised to return at 10.30am that day, she said she had been told the same. I returned at 12 but given the size of the queue I left.
I then went to Appleton Vaccine Centre where they told me I wasn't due for my second vaccine for another 2 weeks, which begs the question "Why did I get the call for an appointment from my GP surgery?"
Just one error after another which would have been very stressful if I had mobility issues.


May 11, 2021
Great serviive

Not as good as first jab

April 27, 2021
Staff looked tired and frazzled.
Had to wait in a queue and felt other people not far enough away from me
Thankful for being vaccinated but worried about the staff and how tired they clearly are.