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Great service and efficient

December 12, 2019
I receive a great service from dermatology department and my consultant, but the pharmacy waiting times are bad. I live in Ormskirk and I could not get into Ormskirk Dermatology as it was full so have to travel half an hour to Broadgreen every month

Staff are brilliant and look after me

September 26, 2019
I attend the Cardiology Clinic at Broadgreen Hospital it is very good, the staff are very skilled . I had to have a by pass operation and I have to say the staff were brilliant they explained everything to me and really looked after me before, during and after the by pass.

Staff supportive

MRI Medical Admissions Unit
September 25, 2019
I had a heart attack and attend Broadgreen cardiology clinic, I had to have a Heart Stress Test which I found a bit traumatic as I could not breathe and I was anxious, but it was fine the staff who done the test were really supportive and it did not take long getting it done. It is a good hospital if you have heart conditions all the staff are well informed and knowledgeable