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Can't get through

August 5, 2022
Phoned twice each time I'm 8 or 11th on line, can't afford to hold the line while the receptionist answers 10 calls
Thomas Horabin

Wished to speak to Practice Manager

July 20, 2022
I would like to speak to the Practice Manager regarding my husbands medical advice he was given today, with the aim not to make a complaint to merely request a consultation with a GP who is in charge of his medical treatment. I was advised to send a complaint in writing..........I would like you to be proactive in the medical care and speak to me so we can arrange the best care for my husband.

Never get through

March 14, 2022
Waited to get through for 30 mins dialling over 100 times until I got through at 8.29 waiting in queue for 10 mins until they kindly hung up on me leaving me with a sick child. Do they have 1 person answering the phone while 1 hangs up and another getting the coffees. So stressful in the morning !!!!

Impossible to get appointments.

March 3, 2022
If i miss a call from them they never pick up when i call back.

Still can't SEE a GP

February 25, 2022
Covid is now over and we have to live with it - So why can I still not get to see my GP?
Phone system is madness - Have to be on the phone trying bang on 8am - by 8:05 all appointments are gone- this badly needs fixing. I do not own a computer and don't have a mobile phone.

Amazing service

February 4, 2022
I don't know if you can mention GP's by name but Dr Breedan is wonderful and I am convinced I wouldn't still be here without her amazing support and treatment. It's a wonderful practice.

impossible to book routine appointment

December 24, 2021
From well before the Covid Pandemic, Its always been a battle to book a routine non-urgent appointment to see GP. Instead of booking you an appointment on the days which suits you, the reception staff will pressure you to seek emergency appointments by calling them at 8am the next day with no gaurantee of getting a slot and then restrict you to discussing single medical issue at those emergency appointments. This makes life very difficult for working people as you cannot plan your days. They make it so difficult to book routine appointments that it almost puts you off even trying, resulting in many minor ilnesses going untreated and early signs of a serious desease left unchecked. It seems like all the reception staff are following a policy of forcing patients to call at 8am next day regardless of what the patient wants or needs. Usually upon patient's firm insistence and few minute of argument, the surgery will tell you they have no slots left for scheduled appointment and ask you to try your luck again the next day. I once called on 3 days in a row and got nothing! They claim all routine appointments get taken up quickely which begs the question if they are setting aside enough slots based on demand.

I can never get an appointment with my GP

December 8, 2021
I have tried several times unsuccessfully to get a GP face to face appointment with my GP. I see far more of him on the golf course than I ever see in the surgery.

Difficult to get through on phones

October 28, 2021
Difficult to get through on phones, but when you do get through it doesn't account for people who can't take phone calls when they are in work. Had to plead to get an after hours appointment. Not great service.

Promptly seen by GP and referred quickly

October 8, 2021
Daughter was offered an appointment to see her GP promptly and was referred to hospital for a procedure very quickly. I cannot rate the hospital yet as the appointment has not yet take place.