Asda Pharmacy (Runcorn)


01928 703210

West Lane
Halton Lea


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Reviews (3)

Not great - sullen staff

December 2, 2021
Not the best Pharmacy - I won't revisit, however Asda Widnes is lovely.

Good service - good advice

November 19, 2021
Good service - good advice

Rude, hostile unhelpful staff, long waits.

November 12, 2021
I have had a few interactions at this pharmacy over the years and each interaction has been a negative one. The staff are incredibly rude and unhelpful. There’s a lot of chatting and giggling in the back and they take their time coming to the counter. Each time I’ve been the assistants are hostile and will automatically assume that you’ve come straight from the doctors and expect to have your prescription - I’ve come days later after it being prescribed and it’s still an issue. I have been overcharged (charged for 2 prescriptions when I have 1 prescription) and had my confidentiality breached - I don’t want the general public knowing what medications I’m prescribed and what they are for. I think all of the staff need customer service training and maybe a different approach towards the public or perhaps choose a job which involves not dealing with the public.