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Maternity Matters


This report focuses on maternity services and the experiences of women from Halton who have given birth in the past 12 -18 months.

The project looked at the information and support that women were given before, during and after the births of their babies.
132 women took part in the project, 84 of whom had given birth since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The report also contains 10 maternity stories covering Whiston Hospital, Warrington Hospital, Liverpool Women’s Hospital and The Countess of Chester.


By Healthwatch Halton
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GP Websites Review


During December 2020 and January 2021, a group of Healthwatch volunteers went online and visited all 14 local GP practice websites. As well as looking at the accessibility of the websites, their aim was to look for information that a patient might need without having to call or visit the practice.

By Healthwatch Halton
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Covid-19 Report – Coming Out of Lockdown


In July as the initial lockdown started to ease, we launched a second survey, based on a survey from Healthwatch England, to gather people’s thoughts, feelings and concerns on the pandemic.

This survey closed on 9 August 2020 with 175 people having taken part in the survey.


By Healthwatch Halton
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How are we doing?


During April and early May 2020 we carried out an online survey asking local people to give us feedback on how the Covid-19 was affecting them. 191 people responded to the survey.

This feedback report highlights some of the themes and issues raised.


By Healthwatch Halton
Covid-19 General Reports

Warrington & Halton Hospitals Ward Visits Feb 2019


On 22 November and 11 December 2018, members of our Enter & View team visited Warrington and Halton Hospitals Foundation Trust to carry out Enter & View visits to wards A5 and C23 at Warrington Hospital and wards B1 and B3 at Halton Hospital. 

By Healthwatch Halton
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Another Day In The Life


In December 2015 we carried out full day visits to the two recently opened Urgent Care Centres in Halton. Our aim was to ask patients why they visited the Urgent Care Centres and to find out if the centres were helping to divert people away from the overstretched A&E units.

Results from the visits in 2015 showed that 50% of people would have attended A&E if the Urgent Care Centre had not been open, highlighting the vital role the centres play in the local health system.

Our visits also raised issues around an apparent lack of appointment availability at some local GP practices.

Following the visits we produced a report on each Urgent Care Centre, ‘A day in the life’ which was sent to the commissioner and providers of the services. We also agreed to return, at a future point, to revisit the two centres and find out how, and if, they were progressing.

For the follow up visits we decided to visit the centres regularly over a period of months to gather the views of as wide a range of patients as possible.

We revisited the UCCs over a period of months from July 2017 to January 2018

By Healthwatch Halton
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