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GP access during COVID-19 review – Healthwatch England


In an extensive review of people’s access to GP services, Healthwatch England have analysed a range of sources, drawing on almost 200,000 people’s experiences shared between April 2019 and December 2020.

By Healthwatch England
Covid-19 Healthwatch England Primary Care

Covid vaccine attitudes report


This report is based on the responses of 157 people to an online survey we carried out earlier during February and March this year.
The survey asked participants their thoughts about getting the Covid-19 vaccine and their thoughts about the information provided about the vaccine.

By Healthwatch Halton

Covid-19 Report – Coming Out of Lockdown


In July as the initial lockdown started to ease, we launched a second survey, based on a survey from Healthwatch England, to gather people’s thoughts, feelings and concerns on the pandemic.

This survey closed on 9 August 2020 with 175 people having taken part in the survey.


By Healthwatch Halton
Covid-19 General Reports

How are we doing?


During April and early May 2020 we carried out an online survey asking local people to give us feedback on how the Covid-19 was affecting them. 191 people responded to the survey.

This feedback report highlights some of the themes and issues raised.


By Healthwatch Halton
Covid-19 General Reports