During 2017 we received an increasing number of comments and concerns from parents of children accessing the services provided from Woodview Children’s Centre.

Initially we logged the concerns as normal and included the data in our standard quarterly reports. As concerns continued to trickle in we contacted Bridgewater NHS Community Healthcare FT to find out a bit more about the services provided and to gain the Trust’s view of the issues.

We arranged to visit the centre in October 2017. We met with the Clinical Service manager and discussed the service and the issues it faced.

We launched an online survey asking for views on the service in December 2017 and this ran until March 2018.  The survey was promoted widely including through our e-bulletin and social media accounts. It was also sent to the three local special needs schools and a copy emailed to the Clinical Services Manager at Woodview Child Development Centre.

By Healthwatch Halton
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Specialist Children’s Services

In July 2020 Healthwatch Halton were approached by NHS Bridgewater Community NHS Trust to look at the possibility of carrying out a further patient engagement project on behalf of the Trust to look at patient satisfaction levels with Children’s Specialist Services from Woodview Child Development Centre.

As the pandemic and lockdowns during 2020 had halted ‘normal’ service from the centre the decision was taken to focus the survey on families who had received appointments just prior to lockdown in February 2020.


Children & Young People
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