In July 2020 Healthwatch Halton were approached by NHS Bridgewater Community NHS Trust to look at the possibility of carrying out a further patient engagement project on behalf of the Trust to look at patient satisfaction levels with Children’s Specialist Services from Woodview Child Development Centre.

As the pandemic and lockdowns during 2020 had halted ‘normal’ service from the centre the decision was taken to focus the survey on families who had received appointments just prior to lockdown in February 2020.


By Healthwatch Halton
Children & Young People

550 letters were sent to families who had appointments during February 2020, inviting them to feedback on their experience of the service at that time through an online survey.

This initial letter was followed up over the next month with text messages encouraging people to take part and give their feedback through the survey.

In total 55 responses were received. The number of people that took part in this survey was relatively small but comparable to those received for the 2018 survey, and as such the results should be taken as a snapshot of the views and experiences of these individuals, rather than as generalised findings about the service.

Specialist Children's Services - Satisfaction Survey Report Download File (pdf 3.09 MB)