Warrington And Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Rated Good

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated the services provided by Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as Good overall, following inspections in March, April and May 2019. Previously it was rated Requires Improvement.

A team of CQC inspectors visited the trust to assess five core services across Warrington and Halton Hospitals: surgery, maternity, critical care, medicine and outpatients. They also looked specifically at management and leadership to answer the key question: Is the trust well-led?

The trust was rated as Good in each of the five key questions; are services safe, effective, caring responsive and well-led?

CQC has also published the trust’s Use of Resources (UoR) report, which is based on an assessment undertaken by NHS Improvement. The trust has been rated as Requires Improvement for using its resources productively. The combined rating for the trust, taking into account CQC’s inspection for the quality of services and NHSI’s assessment of Use of Resources, is Good.

Full details of the ratings, including ratings for each individual service are given in the report when it is published online at:

 England’s Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Ted Baker, said:

“The trust was rated Requires Improvement in the last two inspections. So, it is good to see that they have made sustainable improvements in a number of areas and brought themselves up to standard. There has been a strong commitment by everyone at the trust to continuous improvement and learning, so patients can experience the best possible care.  

“We found the trust had a renewed focus on sustainability and services aligned with community healthcare services. There was open engagement between staff and leadership, and an embedded vision of high-quality care for the future.

“The trust had clearly responded well to our previous findings. However, there are some areas for further improvement, which we have made clear. We will continue to monitor the trust closely and return to inspect again in due course.”

Maternity services at Warrington Hospital were inspected for the first time as a separate service. Inspectors reported the service had good numbers of skilled and experienced staff and cared for patients with compassion and appropriate emotional support. Critical care improved overall, and caring was rated Outstanding. Staff were seen caring for patients with kindness and inspectors heard of how staff went to great lengths for their patients. Medical care services had also significantly improved and were rated Good.

In Halton General Hospital, outpatient services were rated Good. Inspectors noted enough experienced and skilled staff who knew how to protect patients, were on site, and were treating people with compassion and kindness. Inspectors also reported the service had effective leaders and a culture of learning to improve the service. Surgery at the hospital improved its previous Requires Improvement rating, for being safe, and was now rated Good overall.

The full report can be read at –


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