One Halton Carers Strategy 2020 to 2023

Under the umbrella of One Halton, Halton Borough Council has developed a new All-Age Carers Strategy that aims to take a more joined-up and holistic approach to supporting carers in Halton.

One Halton is not one organisation – it is a partnership between the Council, NHS Organisations, GP Practices, Fire, Police and Voluntary Organisations.

Under the banner of One Halton, these organisations have made a commitment to work together to achieve one goal – a community living healthier, happier and longer lives, regardless of who they are, or where they might live.

The Strategy is designed to support all carers in Halton; it aims to identify areas that require improvement, based on the views of adults and child carers in Halton, that link in to the national statutory guidance and national consultation.

Alongside the Strategy sits a Delivery Plan that has been developed in conjunction with children and adult carers, along with the key providers of services within Halton.

Together, the Strategy and Delivery Plan set out our current position, the areas for improvement that we need to focus on over the next 3 years and the outcomes for individuals that we want to achieve. 

“The enormous contribution of our carers not only makes an invaluable difference to the people they support, but is an integral part of our health and social care system”

Cllr. Rob Polhill

Leader of Halton Borough Council

The Strategy is split into a number of sections, as listed below, and asks where the gaps are so that we know what needs to be done to improve the lives of carers in Halton:

  • Identification and recognition of carers;
  • Involving and listening to carers;
  • Young carers;
  • Transition to adulthood;
  • Employment and skills;
  • Older carers;
  • Carers of people with dementia;
  • Health and wellbeing of carers;
  • When the caring role ends.

Some of these key areas form the basis of the Delivery Plan setting out where actions will be taken in order to improve outcomes for carers in Halton.

The Strategy also shares some carer stories throughout to demonstrate the issues faced by carers and the support available.

The Strategy was approved in early 2020 with an official launch planned for April, however, the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately caused delay.

We would now like to promote the Strategy as widely as possible to all stakeholders; please visit the Council’s website to view the full Strategy and Delivery Plan: