It is never too late to stop smoking

No matter how long you’ve smoked for, no matter how many cigarettes you smoke a day, your health will start to improve as soon as you quit.

Some health benefits are immediate, some are longer-term, but what matters is that it’s never too late. Just take a look at what happens once you put out that final cigarette.

  • After 20 mins your pulse rate will already be starting to return to normal.
  • After 8 hours your oxygen levels will be returning to normal, and carbon monoxide levels in your blood will have reduced by half
  • After 48 hours your body will have flushed out all carbon monoxide. Your lungs will start to clear out mucus, and your sense of taste and smell will have improved. 
  • After 72 hours you can notice that breathing feels easier, it’s because your bronchial tubes have started to relax. Also your energy will be increasing.
  • After 2 – 12 weeks blood will be pumping through to your heart and muscles much better because your circulation will have improved.
  • After 3 – 9 months any coughs, wheezing or breathing problems will be improving as your lung function increases by up to 10%
  • After 1 year , your risk of heart attack will have halved compared to a smoker’s!
  • After 10 years your risk of death from lung cancer will have halved compared to a smoker’s.
  • After 15 years your risk of heart attack should now be the same as someone who has never smoked.

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