Healthwatch carry out independent research and evaluations on different aspects of health and social care that are driven by feedback that we receive from the public. We rely upon the voice of the public, your voice, to provide us with vital information on your experience of health and social care services and your suggestions as to how they can be improved and how best practice can be shared.

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Everything we do is guided by what people tell us about their experiences of health and social care.

If you have an experience you’d like to share you can leave story on our feedback centre  or give us a call on 0300 777 6543

Current work

This project is looking at access to NHS dental services.

We regularly heard from people about their experiences of accessing NHS dental treatment. During the past 6 months we’ve noted a large increase in enquiries from people trying to access NHS dental services, with more than 1 in 4 calls being about dentistry.  We have heard lots from people about how their dental care has been affected by the COVID pandemic.

Our ‘Big Dental Check-Up’ survey went live on 4 October and will run until 5 November

To take part in the survey  visit –

Read about the impact Covid-19 has had on the access to Dentistry services

The pandemic has forced a number of changes in our lives, including how we access health and social care services and how services engage with the public. This has created a divide between those who are able to use digital technology and want to, and those who do not have the ability, the knowledge or the want to use digital technology.

This project is focussing on people who are more likely to experience digital exclusion to try and understand why and how this can impact their healthcare experiences, especially during the pandemic.

These groups included older people, people with disabilities, and people with limited English.

A report on this work is due in October 2021

Healthwatch Halton receives regular information and signposting requests from people who are struggling to access information they need about their health and social care by themselves.

One of our priority areas for 2021-22 is to ensure that we can meet the needs of people contacting our service and ensure they are given the correct information or signposted appropriately.

We will be reviewing our existing signposting and information role to identify any unmet needs so gaps in information can be plugged. As a result of this work we will aim to show information and signposting services have been improved for people who use health and social care services in Halton

Access to dental services project

If you'd like to receive details of this project and take part in the online survey when it's launched, please leave your contact details below.

Completed projects


This report highlights the experiences of women from Halton who have given birth in the past 12 -18 months.

Maternity project

GP websites

This report gives details of a review of local GP websites during December 2020 and January 2021 by a group of Healthwatch volunteers.

As well as looking at the accessibility of the websites, their aim was to look for information that a patient might need without having to call or visit the practice.

GP websites

Specialist Children's Services

In July 2020 Healthwatch Halton were approached by NHS Bridgewater Community NHS Trust to look at the possibility of carrying out a further patient engagement project on behalf of the Trust to look at patient satisfaction levels with Children’s Specialist Services from Woodview Child Development Centre.

Read more on Specialist Children's Services