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Healthwatch Projects

Healthwatch carry out independent research and evaluations on different aspects of health and social care that are driven by feedback that we receive from the public. Healthwatch relies upon the voice of the public to provide us with vital information on your experience of health and social care services and your suggestions as to how they can be improved and how best practice can be shared.

Current Projects

The objectives of this project are to understand the patient experience of care navigation. By doing this we will seek to understand where there are barriers to delivery and where service improvements can be made in the future.

This project will use a short survey to evaluate patients’ experience of their initial contact with GP practices’ reception staff when using care navigation

The survey is available to complete at

Project timescale – October 2019 to February 2020

Upcoming projects

Halton CCG have introduced a new way to provide mental health services for children and young people using the THRIVE model to remove tiers and provide a more seamless service for service users. The THRIVE model is based on 4 pathways: getting advice; getting help; getting more help; and getting risk support.

Feedback from service users and parents/carers on children and young people mental health services suggested that there needed to be easier access to services with shorter waiting times; a need for consistency; the language that is used by professionals needs to be simpler and there needs to be a non-judgmental approach to care.

Children and young people said that they wanted to know where to get help, to be able to find it easily and for it to be trustworthy; places to get help from should be welcoming and there should be a range of treatments available, with medication not being the first or only option. Young people should only have to tell their story once and services should work together to deliver the right support at the right time and in the right place. Intervention should be delivered early.

As the THRIVE approach is now being rolled out across Halton, we have chosen to undertake a project that investigates how the service is being delivered for young people, their parents/carers and those frontline partner agencies such as schools


This project will look at the information and support available during pregnancy and in the first few weeks of birth.

Start date – TBC

Completed projects


Late in 2016, Healthwatch Halton published a report into Home Care Services in Halton. The evaluation was based upon the NICE quality standards (QS123) for home care services and found that whilst most service users were happy with their care there were issues with continuity of carers, time keeping and length of visits. The Healthwatch Halton also found that there was a lack of independent information on direct payments. Recommendations from the report included moving to task based visits rather than time limited visits; using micro teams of carers that cover for one another to ensure that service users are more likely to have carers they are familiar with; and developing performance monitoring for missed or late visits. Healthwatch Halton also recommended that information on care assessments be provided by an independent body and information on direct payments be made available on discharge from hospital.

Since the publication of the report the local authority have recommissioned home care services with a single provider. Therefore, Healthwatch Halton havdas a priority for 2018/19, an evaluation of the service provision. It evaluated the service using the NICE quality standards and considered what progress there had been in relation to the recommendations that were made in 2016.

Dom Care report 2019