In delivering Healthwatch Halton, we are advised by a Healthwatch Advisory Board drawn from members of the public and local voluntary organisations. 

This group provides advice on:

  • Healthwatch priorities
  • The Enter and View programme to monitor the quality of care
  • Identifying key public concerns
  • Community engagement activity

They act as the voice of the people and make sure that Healthwatch Halton adheres to the core principles of; confidentiality, respect, feedback, transparency and influence.

Our Healthwatch Advisory Board comprises of the following members:

Chair: Kath Parker

Healthwatch Advisory Board Members:

  • Maureen Isherwood
  • Diane McCormick
  • Dave O’Connor
  • Smita Patil
  • Jane Pritchard

We are currently on the lookout for additional Advisory Board members.

For more information please email