Enter and View Representatives are trained to visit a range of NHS and social care premises, and talk to staff, patients, carers and other service users about their experiences.

The information collected is used to make recommendations on how services can be improved. Our Enter and View Reports are shared with the CQC, providers and commissioners as well as being made available to the public on our website.

As part of the Enter & View role, authorised visitors:

  • Prepare for visits by attending briefings with the Healthwatch Support Team
  • Visit health and social care premises, including local hospitals, care and nursing homes, GP surgeries, dental practices, ophthalmic services, etc, to observe what is happening
  • Talk to patients, service users, staff and carers and gain their views on the quality of services provided
  • Maintain notes of the visits and assist in the preparation of reports to outline the findings, and if applicable, offer recommendations for change
  • Are willing to undergo free training relevant to the role as well as DBS check.
  • Undertake all voluntary duties in line with Healthwatch Halton policies and procedures

Enter and View Authorised Representatives:

Ashley Ballard

Julie Birchall

Jude Burrows

Kath Parker

Jane Pritchard

Dave Wilson

For those wanting to know more about becoming an Enter & View Authorised Representative please call 0300 777 6543 or email enquiries@healthwatchhalton.co.uk