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COVID-19 Vaccination People aged 12 and over who have a weakened immune system

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advises all individuals aged 12 years and over who are immunosuppressed should receive a Spring booster dose of the vaccine.

If you are immunosuppressed, either due to a health condition or medical treatment, you may not yet have the best protection you can possibly get from the vaccine.

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What is Long Covid?

Confused about Long Covid?

Find out the common symptoms and when to get support.

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Where can I go for support for my mental health as a new parent?

It’s so important that you feel supported as a new parent.

Your mental health is important, both for your wellbeing and your child’s. It’s important that you feel supported throughout your journey of becoming a parent and have a safe space to talk about how you are feeling.

Take a look at the information below to find out where you can go to get the support you and your family need. 

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Where can I go to get help for my health out of hours?

Health issues unfortunately don’t leave us alone at the weekend and people are often in need of medical assistance out of hours. Using NHS guidelines, we have provided some advice and information on where you can go for help when your GP is closed.

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How can you find an NHS dentist?

Everyone should be able to get the care and advice they need to keep their teeth healthy. But people across the country are reporting being unable to get an appointment with an NHS dentist, with the situation getting worse in many areas. 

Where’s your nearest dentist?

Use the NHS website to search for a dentist near you. The site also provides information on which dental practices are currently accepting new patients, whether they offer urgent appointments, and how other people have rated the service.

While this is a good starting point to finding a local dentist, people often tell us that these records aren’t always kept updated, so you should contact the practice directly to find out more information. If the records are out of date, you should let the practice know.

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Someone I love has died – where can I find support?

Take a look at our advice article on the organisations and groups that can support you if you’re grieving.

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The Accessible Information Standard – what you can expect from services

The Accessible Information Standard is mandatory for all organisations that provide NHS or adult social care. Here’s some key information about the accessible communications you should expect from services.


Where to go for support when you have an eating disorder

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses that anyone can develop, regardless of age, income and ethnicity. Take a look at some of the common signs of eating disorders and where to go for support if you need help.

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Coronavirus advice and information

Here’s a number of resources that we’ve pulled together about coronavirus to help you know what you need to do, how to look after yourself during the pandemic, and how you can support the COVID-19 effort.

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