Why is clear information important?

We all expect to be involved in decisions about our health, treatment and support.  

But medical and healthcare information can be complex, and if you don’t get clear and understandable information, you might not make decisions that are right for you.  

Some people find getting clear and understandable information even harder because they have communication needs that require support.

For example, you might need an interpreter or information in format like Braille. 

We want to know: 

  • How clear and understandable you find the information health and care services give to you 
  • Whether you needed and got support to access or understand the health and care information you were given 
  • If you did not get support, the impact this had on you. 

As well as your feedback, we also ask you to volunteer some personal information, including information about your ethnicity and whether you have any condition that affects your ability to communicate. This helps us to understand how different groups are affected by this issue and supports our focus on improving equality, diversity and inclusion. These questions are voluntary.

We’ll be using your feedback to influence the NHS to ensure that everyone can get healthcare information in the format they need

Your Care, Your Way survey

Your Care, Your Way survey in alternative formats


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